Italian Tourists Mistake Typhoon Warning For Godzilla Attack

No really!

It appears that a group of Italian tourists in Japan actually believed that the country's typhoon early warning system was a warning for an imminent attack by Godzilla. At first I really wanted to make fun of this but then I thought about it. If I'm going to be honest I would have to admit that if I were in Tokyo and a loud warning siren went off I would probably scream "Godzilla!!!" and run around like an idiot for a few seconds until I came to my senses. I don't think that I could help it. I also propose that many of you would do the exact same thing.

We are just the products of pop culture and overactive imaginations.

From Social News Daily

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, is also the landfall target of numerous storms each year. These are not just your regular rainstorms too, they are typhoons cooked up by the Pacific ocean, along with earthquakes and tsunamis. So thank the Pacific ocean for doing that every year to the internet’s favorite country. Anyway, the Japanese are quite used to storm warnings and they get regular alerts on their phones.

However, most tourists do not know about this. The cellular storm alarms actually sound off quite loudly to make sure that the user takes notice of them. So what happens when a group of foreigners comes across the people of Japan whose phones kept sounding off warnings all at the same time? Well, they assume the worst, which is Godzilla, or in the local tongue, Gojira; the big fat dino which Hollywood keeps ruining.

This was the case according to Japanese Twitter user @Znplus2. According to the Japanese person, a group of Italian tourists was aboard a passenger train when all their phones started ringing and buzzing. Of course, the Italians could not understand anything and one of them kept asking “Godzilla?!” Here’s the exact tweet in Japanese, thank god for Google translate:

Afterward, the Italians realized that no Japanese on the train was panicking, meaning it was probably just one of Godzilla’s enemies— er, a storm. Specifically the typhoons Soulik and Cimaron. Still, the Italians had a good laugh, along with the rest of the Japanese on the train who also found the foreign bewilderment hilarious.


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