Forrest Ackerman's Health Is Failing Now Is The Time For Fans To Contact Him

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Joe Moe via Avery Guerra and David Nelson

I was sent a very sad e-mail this morning from Avery Guerra stating that the great Forrest J Ackerman's health was beginning to go south and he wanted to let all his fans know that his time on this Earth may be short.

This news put me into a bit of a depression honestly. I have been a huge, life-long, fan of Forry and his magazines, "Famous Monsters of Filmland" and "Vampirella". Ackerman has been a huge influence on my career as a writer. I also credit Forry for nurturing may obsession with sci fi and monster films.

"Famous Monsters" was by far the greatest genre magazine ever produced!

Now is the time for monster fans around the globe to tell Forry exactly just how much we loved his work.

Here is a copy of the letter that was forwarded to me from Avery. This letter was originally sent from David Nelson:

I received a call from Forrest J Ackerman's assistant, Joe Moe, yesterday. Forry is not doing well. Forry sends his wishes to all the Monster Bash Brood....he realizes time is short now and is letting the fans know. Our very best to Forry, if you wanted to send a is the time. One time, back in the 1970s, Forry called on us to write cards to Lon Chaney Jr. when he wasn't is the time to send them to Forry:

4511 Russell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA90027

Joe Moe will keep us updated on the situation.
Our thoughts are with our dear Uncle Forry.

Indeed our thoughts and prayers go out to Forrest at this time.

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