Albino Bigfoot Caught Sneaking Around Pennsylvania?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Youtube

Though eyewitness reports of Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, normally indicate that the legendary animal is either black or brownish in color, there have been, from time to time, sightings of all white individuals.

Reportedly back in December the residents of a small Pennsylvania town (sorry the report I read didn't indicate which town) were being disturbed by strange noises at night. It was at that time that several of the towns-folk came forward to report that they had seen a 'Bigfoot-like' creature around their homes.

As the story goes, and I am getting this from the posting on Youtube, one brave individual decided to get to the bottom of things after they heard a disturbance in the back yard of their wooded property.

Armed with a flashlight and a video recorder the party in question wandered out into the night and found more than they bargained for.

The majority of this clip will conjure up memories of that awful "Blair Witch Project" movie with nothing more to see tan the flashlight beam bouncing around from the ground to the trees. Then some 30 seconds into the thing, a white creature can be seen quickly emerging from behind a tree, then disappearing out of sight.

Is it an albino Bigfoot?

Well, the thing looks like some sort of ape.....and it is all white......from head to toe from the look of what we get a very brief glimpse of.

Now, I tried to pause the clip at the exact moment that the animal appears, with limited success.

The object just moves too fast to get a clear look at it.

So is it Bigfoot? could be.

Then again, it could just be some knucklehead in a white ape costume.

One thing tat many viewers of the clip have noted, is that whoever is shooting the video doesn't seem to get too worked up about seeing the monster. He just simply whisper, "what's that."

This could be because he didn't get a good look at it through the camera, or that it happened so fast that he didn't have time to react..........or it's because he knew his buddy was behind the tree.

I can't say for sure.....I wasn't there.

If he would have screamed and peed himself....then we would know that we had a winner for sure.

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  1. This is just another example of some losers with too much time on their hands. Pretty sad.

  2. That may be one of the most obvious ape suits I've ever seen. Its quick movement isn't quick enough to disguise that.


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