Bigfoot Photos From Bulgaria, Really From Burbank

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: All News Web /

Throughout the history of the Bigfoot phenomena there have been some colossal hoaxes. There was a a cooler with a fake corpse, a dummy in a gorilla costume frozen in a block of ice and there is even a woman out in the Ozarks who swears that she can talk to them......and they talk English.

In the Eastern European nation of Bulgaria, there have been a rash of recent sightings of a "Bigfoot-like" creature over the past few months. A set of photos of the creature were even sent over to a group of Russian researchers for analysis. After scrutinizing over the images the scientists were unable to positively identify the object that had been photographed.

Only one little problem, the photos (there is an example of one above) were not taken in Bulgaria, in fact they were actually part of a film, that was shot by a Hollywood film company.

Yes, the pics that have puzzled the Russians, were part of one of the most elaborate Bigfoot hoaxes of all-time. The footage, from which the pics were taken, was produced by Paramount for the 1996 UPN series "Paranormal Borderland."

The story that went along with the footage, was that it was taken by a couple on their honeymoon in Switzerland. Most of the film, which was very well planned out and executed, was just typical vacation stuff. About half-way through, the couple comes face-to-face with the beast who emerges from behind a snowbank. Later on, the creature is once again seen climbing up a steep hill. This is the segment where these photos come from.

The footage was also used in the Fox special "The World's Greatest Hoaxes."

Apparently the Russian scientists never caught either of those shows.

Regardless, reports have been surfacing from the Rhodope Mountains, where hikers have been seeing what the local residents refer to as 'the Bear-Man".

This particular area has had a long history of sightings of these strange strange ape-like creatures. Apparently some twenty-five years ago some very credible photos of the animals tracks emerged from the region.

Now, just because some Bulgarian boneheads decided to pull a fast one on a group of Russian scientists is no reason to write off the possibility that one of Bigfoot's relatives may indeed inhabit the Rhodope Mountains.

The field of Cryptozoology is plagued by this sort of thing all the time. It's hard to get much serious attention when there are a zillion jokers out there trying to pull a fast one by faking footprints or filming their brother in a costume walking across the back yard.

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