Namco Bandai Releasing An Ultraman Fighting Game For The Wii

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Nintendolife / Siliconera

One title on Namco Bandai’s list of early 2010 releases that should be of interest to Monster Island News readers is the new Ultraman fighting game, "Daikaiju Battle Ultra Coliseum DX: Ultra Senshi Daishuketsu."

The game, which is being produced for Nitendo's Wii system, will hit Japanese shelves February 25th.

"Daikaiju Battle Ultra Coliseum DX" will reportedly feature many forms of the hero, "Ultraman", along with a menagerie of classic monsters.

Here is a list of the Ultramen featured:

Ultraman Mebius
Ultraman Dyna
Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Belial

No mention yet of any of the monsters, and no mention of any overseas releases for "Daikaiju Battle Ultra Coliseum DX: Ultra Senshi Daishuketsu."

The game was designed to be a tribute to the popular Japanese superhero, whose series originated as a follow-up to the 1966 Tsuburaya production, "Ultra Q", and has become a world-wide sensation......especially in Asia.

After numerous television series, movies, games, action figures and the like, the "Ultraman" franchise is still going strong. Both "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends - The Movie" and "Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Ghost Reverse" were released in Japan this past December.

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