Cloverfield 2 - Yes, Probably, But Not For Some Time

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: MTV / JoBlo / Avery Guerra

J.J. Abrams monster movie, "Cloverfield" may not have been a huge success at the box office, but it sure did set off a gigantic buzz before it's release in 2008.

You would think that since the film didn't produce "Avatar-like" money that many people may have forgotten about it, and any plans for a sequel.

Not true, in fact the proposed sequel is very much on peoples minds and it has become a real, 'hot-button' for members of the press as of late.

It seems that director Matt Reeves, can't go anywhere these days, possibly even to the bathroom, without someone jabbing a microphone into his grill, wanting to know about "Cloverfield 2".

Case in point, this past weekend interviewers from both MTV and JoBo both got a chance to speak with Reeves, and both cut straight to the point wanting to know when, and if, Abrams would be working on more mutant monster mayhem?

This is what the director told Mike Sampson of

"There's always an ebb and flow to the development of something. [JJ Abrams] is doing this or that now and I'm making [LET ME IN] now and I just started editing. He is starting to make a very personal project that's coming out and he just did a pilot. But there are things we've been talking about. Things that are developing. It comes and goes. The way in which I'd be involved hasn't hit a solid form yet. It's up in the air but also percolating. There are all kinds of approaches that have come up, some of which are very different. It's gonna be cool."

Then Reeves echoed the same thoughts to Josh Wigler of MTV:

"I can tell you nothing, [but] there are these spikes in activity," he said when asked about a second "Cloverfield" movie. "There are things that we keep talking about and things spike up. It very well may happen."

Reeves also went on to mention that there is already a creative team in place for the "Cloverfield" sequel consisting of himself, Abrams, producer Bryan Burk and screenwriter Drew Goddard, though getting them together in one place, at the same time, will be difficult for some time.

Reeves has other projects in the works, and Abrams is presently focused on a 'pet' project of his own, and more than likely, the second "Star Trek" film, so "Cloverfield 2" is not high on either of their lists at this time.

Earlier this year, Abrams himself confirmed that he had been 'kicking around' ideas for the film, stating, "We're working on something right now with that and again, you know, it's early stages."

So, to break it all down, it seems that everyone involved would like to make a second, "Cloverfield" movie, but whether it will ever happen depends on if it can be squeezed in around other projects or not.

My money is on this happening, eventually, just because people won't leave the film makers alone until it does.

Oh, wait, before I sign off on this one. There are, of course, some people out there, who believe, due to Abrams secretive nature, that "Cloverfield 2" is already well into production. This belief has been spurned on by a rash of viral videos that have surfaced over the last year, that are very similar to what began popping up prior to the media frenzy for the first "Cloverfield" movie.

I have seen many of these, and I honestly think that they are fan made films, but to be honest....who knows? It wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility to believe that Abrams would try to duplicate many of the same type of mysterious promotional ideas for a new film of this type.

We'll just have to see where this all leads.......

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  1. Coverfield was 2008, not 1998. Please don't make me feel older then I already do.

  2. Thanx for pointing that out.

    Um, wait....Godzilla was in 98...and Cloverfield was in 2008?

    Well, this is the sort of stuff that happens when you are working off 2 hours of sleep.

    Hey, I want everyone to feel free to keep me in line and point out my mistakes.

  3. I occasionally find myself on the opposite end of popular opinion when it comes to things like giant monster and comic book films, and "Cloverfield" was no exception.

    Although in some ways I can see how "Cloverfield" *could* be viewed as this generation's "Godzilla", which J.J. Abrams often said was his inspiration, I don't think it's a worthy comparison.

    Instead of a film that effectively modeled the poignancy of the original "Godzilla" for a new generation, or even the fun of "Gamera The Giant Monster", all "Cloverfield" presented audiences with was an unlikable group that we had to follow around for an hour and a half interspersed with unsatisfying shots of the monster. And the monster was the whole reason that audiences came to see the movie!

    (I seriously don't think it was for Rob, whom my brother immediately dubbed "The Tool", and the rest of his Tool Time gang.)

    The Devlin and Emmerich remake of Godzilla may have taken liberties with the character (which I, personally, no longer mind since Toho effectively established in "GMK" that the monster had been misidentified); but taken solely on it's merits as a giant monster movie they succeeded in hitting almost all the right marks that have made monster movies enjoyable to watch for decades.

    And that's something that, in my opinion anyway, can't be said about "Cloverfield".


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