“A Life Behind The Mask” - "Amazonia In: Power And Responsibility" From Comic Book Divas

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Jeff Hughes

Comic Book Divas have just published the first installment of their highly anticipated web series, "A Life Behind The Mask".

The first one page episode entitled, "Amazonia In: 'Power And Responsibility'", as you may have guessed, focuses on the character, "Amozonia", which was modeled after actress/producer Tara Cardinal.

Here is the synopsis:

Amazonia a warrior princess that has no equal, she can lift a car over her head in one hand as she pummels criminals with the other hand; heroes respect her, and crime fears her.

This day, she will foil a bank robbery and save many people; but will she be able to save the day again?..Some days you wonder who the real villains are

As was seen in the special character images Comic Book Divas released last may, "A Life Behind The Mask" features some really excellent artwork by Dennis Willman, conceived from stories written by Jeff Hughes.

Here is an overview of "A Life Behind The Mask":

“A Life Behind The Mask” is a comedic look at heroes and villains as they go about their lives in and out of their masks and capes, as they go about the same trials and tribulations of every day occurrences as we all do except they approach things a little differently then most of us.

The web series will rotate around a different super hero and villain every month as they deal with their everyday lives in and out of their alter egos and try to manage a variety of everyday events in their own unique way and approach.

The series will feature a variety of women throughout the entertainment world that span the spectrum of models, actresses, and scream queens; Comic Book Divas will feature the likeness of the women to bring the characters personalities to life.

To read the first page from "A Life Behind The Mask" go to - http://comicbookdivas.com/alifebehindthemask/

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