Mr Lobo Goes IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS - Celebrating 10 Years Of Cinema Insomnia

Written By: Ken Hulsey

In honor of Cinema Insomnia's pending 10 year anniversary, I thought it would be cool to post this classic clip from the episode "In Search of Ancient Astronauts".

The show, as you have probably already rationalized, centers around the famed 1973 NBC documentary "In Search of Ancient Astronauts" which was hosted by "Twilight Zone" creator Rod Serling. The movie is kind of a poor man's version of the major motion picture "Chariots of the Gods" which is based on the novel by Swiss researcher Erich von Däniken who believes that mankind's origins may have come from outer space and that there is plenty of archaeological evidence in existence to prove it.

The film would also serve as the pilot episode for Serling's famed television series "In Search Of", which also dealt with subjects from the realm of the unexplained like UFOs, Bigfoot, Easter Island and spontaneous human combustion.

In this classic episode of "Cinema Insomnia" every ones favorite horror movie host, Mr. Lobo, sets out to find the truth about all of this alien visitation mumbo-jumbo by traveling across the globe to many of the locations featured in the film including the infamous "Area 51". Much to Lobo's surprise, finding the exact location of one our countries most top-secret instillation's isn't as difficult as one would expect, thanks in part to the 'Freedom of Information Act.' All anyone needs to do is simply call information (411) and ask for the number.

Simple right?

Well, as Lobo soon discovers, he has been given the number of "Area 51 Auto Salvage" not the "Area 51" where all the UFOs are kept.

Best line: "You'll never get Blue Book for a fixer-upper Yugo (UFO) no matter how many parts you buy from us."

In his quest for the truth Mr. Lobo also manages to get abducted by actual aliens, who intern do some rather intrusive testing on him, for which he earns $20 for his services.

In the end (no pun intended there) Lobo, like Fox Mulder before him, finds the truth on the subject of aliens and UFOs just outside his reach. It seems that there are just some things man was never meant to know.

Here is a quick update on Mr. Lobo's progress on raising $10,000 to produce a brand-new 26 episode 10 the anniversary season of "Cinema Insomnia". As of today, the fund-raising effort through Kickstarter has raised $3,086.

This is what the world famous horror host had to say in gratitude to everyone who has donated so far:

"Mr. Lobo is very thankful for the wonderful people who have pledged toward making the CINEMA ISOMNIA 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY the best season yet! That’s right, 44 total both on the grid and in the real world gave some of their hard earned cash for the cause of late night slumber party silliness.

There are certainly a lot of worthy causes asking for donations this Holiday season—but I hope you know how important some silliness on a Saturday night can be. Horror Hosts are not cancer scientists or missionaries or doctors but if you could read some of the letters I have received over the years…

CINEMA INSOMNIA has been a comfort people who can’t sleep because of illness or mothers up late with their babies, It has helped estranged fathers and sons come together, it was a sign of normalcy to families just getting regular TV signals again after a regional disaster, it has been the date night or family night for the very poor, a companion for the alienated and clinically depressed, the show has thwarted suicides and has brightened the life of severely disabled, and been a source of entertainment for so many more.

CINEMA INSOMNIA has giving me personally so very much. It has been a wonderful creative outlet and the process is very therapeutic. It’s how I get back what the real world beats out of me and I have had so many adventures and have got to know so many fantastic human specimens. As a look over my bounty I am very grateful to have such generous and supportive people in my life. Here are some folks I am particularly thankful for right now…I hope I won't let you down..."

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