Some genius built a life-size replica of an AT-ST from Star Wars

By Andrew J . Hawkins - The Verge

A short time ago, on a wind-swept plain not that far away, there sat a thing of beauty: a life-size replica of the All Terrain Scout Transport from Return of the Jedi. Made of timber, plastic, and bits of scrap metal, the scout walker stands at a little over 27 feet tall, seats two, and appears to have a functional chin-mounted laser cannon. And by "functional," I mean it moves up and down and makes "pew pew" noises.

If you're like me, you have many questions. How did this get made? Who is the master craftsman behind this? And where can it be found, so I can jump inside and reenact my eight-year-old fantasies of mowing down wave after wave of annoying Ewoks because, let's be honest, the Battle of Endor was some bullshit and there's no way a handful of teddy bears with prehistoric technology could have defeated a squadron of fully armed stormtroopers, not to mention at least four AT-STs with laser cannons and concussion grenade launchers. But I digress.

The replica AT-ST first appeared on Imgur about eight months ago, when a user named Mr. Kernish noticed the Imperial walker from afar and posted a few creepshots. A couple months later, Mr. Kernish "manned up" and asked the mysterious owner for a tour. "I walked onto the propriety [sic] and spoke to the engineer," he wrote. "He didn't wish to be identified so I'll refer to him as Kuat."


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