Godzilla 3D Begins Pre-Production For 2011 Release

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: IMDB / Avery Guerra

Just about everyone is familiar with the children's story, "The Little Engine That Could". In that story a brave little locomotive climbs a very steep hill despite every obstacle that is against it. Well, such is the story with the now infamous "Godzilla 3D" (Godzilla 3D To The Max, Godzilla vs Deathla) movie. It seems like every time fans believe that the dirt has been shoveled onto the project, it rises again from near extinction.

It's actually funny that I am writing about "Godzilla 3D" today, because just last week, a bunch of fans and I were talking about it on Facebook.

Big time Godzilla fan, Ryan Smith, took it upon himself to contact Kerner Productions about the film and this is the response he received, "Kerner Productions is not involved in the current development of the project at the moment. I believe it is still moving forward though."


Well then later in the week, giant monster maven, Avery Guerra, just happened to check the IMDB page for the film, and made the discovery that it had been updated on April 11th.

Avery wasn't sure exactly what had been changed, but the film has a listed release date of 2011 and its status is now listed as "in pre-production."

Here is some more info on "Godzilla 3D" that is presently listed at IMDB:

Directed by Keith Melton
Yoshimitsu Banno ..... writer
Kenji Okuhira.... producer
Brian Rogers .... producer
Cinematography by Peter Anderson
Special Effects by Eiichi Asada

Now correct me if I'm behind the curve on this one, but the last time I heard anything about "Godzilla 3D" many of these names (with the exception of Banno and Okuhira) were not associated with the film, so maybe this is what has been updated? I have to admit that I hadn't checked on the film for some time, so this may be old news to some of you.

There was a little blurb in press release from Sony for "Woke Up Dead", last year that stated that Brent Friedman was presently working on "Godzilla 3D" for the digital studio Electric Farm Entertainment. None of that information was listed at IMDB.

Now, I'm not posting this information to get any ones hopes up, but all indications point to "Godzilla 3D" actually beginning filming very soon. I just hope that another wall isn't thrown up in front of the production team. Fans have been waiting since 2005 for this one.

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  1. Me an my family our in desperate need of another great godzilla movie please somone make it happen....

  2. i cant wait to see Godzilla again because he is one of 3 monsters that i love.The others are Gamera and Mothra and cant wait for someday they have new movies as well.

  3. As of March 2011, imdb.com has Godzilla with a 2014 release date.
    If they are going to start filming in 2011, they need time to also do the CGI effects if they are going to release it in 2012.

    Get a wiggle on guys, I want this film to be released in 2012.