Horrifying New Photos Of Scarlet Salem By H Morgen

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Scarlet Salem
Photo(s) Credit: H Morgen

I really have to give credit to photographer H Morgen, she always seems to get the best out of model/actress Scarlet Salem. The pair work together to create some of the most wonderful visual images. Take for example their latest photo shoot, a set of truly violent and terrifying images of crazed nurses tormenting scared mental patients, vampires fighting in a cemetery, and my favorite, two haunting figures posed in front of an old mental hospital. Amazing images.

Indeed Morgen chose the perfect local for the shoot, the Anoka State Mental Hospital and nearby cemetery. In some of the photos Scarlet is a evil nurse seen tormenting a female patient, even going as far as to inject the woman in the neck with god knows what. Others show her as a vampire hunter fighting a female blood-sucker in the cemetery. Morgen truly captures the essence of the violent confrontation in these shots.

The photos that really stand out are the ones of the two mysterious girls in period attire posed on the hospital grounds. Perfectly simple and perfectly horrifying images.

Here are some of the photos from Morgen and Salem's recent collaboration:


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