Did The 'Real' Bigfoot Make His Big Screen Debut In "Great North?"

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: All News Web

Bigfoot sceptics always point out the fact that with all the digital cameras and video recorders in the hands of tourists traversing America's woodlands, that there should be more photographic evidence of the creatures existence.

True, you would think that, but most encounters between people and Bigfoot are so brief, that there normally isn't enough time to pull your Polaroid out of your pocket to get a shot.

It is also a curiosity that with all the nature documentaries being filmed these days, that no-one has 'accidentally' caught the elusive monster on camera while filming other fauna or scenery?

Well, it appears that the above scenario did indeed happen.

A keen-eyed viewer of the 2001 Martin J. Dignard & William Reeve IMAX documentary, "Great North" discovered a very strange anomaly in a sequence featuring a herd of Caribou crossing a river in Quebec.

In the 30-second sequence, a large dark colored figure can be plainly seen stalking the animals as they reach the shore opposite the camera. The animal in question, looks, and moves very much like the Bigfoot in the controversial film shot by Roger Patterson in Bluff Creek, California in 1967.

Though the creature in the film is pretty much center screen, and it is obvious that the Caribou alter their course to avoid it, no one else has noticed it in the nine years since the film hit theaters in 2001.

Is the animal in question a 'real' Bigfoot?

Now, that is the million dollar question. The animal appears to be of enormous size, and appears to be moving on two legs, so indications point to this being a legit Sasquatch image.

There is, of course, room for argument. The animal may be a black bear, or a hoaxer, but I would dare anyone to put on a monkey suite and trek into the path of a heard of wild Caribou.

Wouldn't be prudent, no sir.

Here is the clip:

Update: More Than Meets The Eye

After initially watching the above video, I felt that the animal in question was "stalking" the Caribou. After watching it again, I would like to change that to "Hunting", as in the object in the film is exhibiting primate, or human, hunting behavior.

The animal is seen to get up an move laterally to get into a better position to sneak up on a weaker, smaller, or possibly injured member of the herd. This is behavior that has been witnessed in just about all predatory animals.

Except those animals don't move around on two legs, and this animal moves more like a man than a wolf, large predatory cat or a bear.

The one thing that pretty much rules out a bear here for me, is the fact that the animal raises up to move from it's right to left. A bear, certainly, wouldn't rise up on two legs to move laterally. Neither would a wolf or a mountain lion for that matter.

It can also be plainly seen that the animal in question is trying to 'hide' from the animals it is hunting, again, something that a bear is not known to do.

If indeed if this is a video of a Bigfoot, then it may be even more significant than the famous Patterson footage, simply because of the behavior being exhibited.

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  1. thats just stupid are you sure theres a bigfoot or not...u are just lying and being stupid..it could be a person...

  2. r u sure theres big foot cause i dont belive this shit...u guys r losers....


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