Rondo Awards: You Can Now Vote!

Rondo Awards: You Can Now Vote!

by Armand Vaquer / Ken Hulsey

It's that time of the year again! What time? It's Rondo Award time!

The ballot for the 2009 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards is now up and ready for your votes!

I noted that The Monster Movie Fan's Guide To Japan received a nomination in the "Best Book" category. Unfortunately, while I am honored to have it nominated, it did not come out in 2009 and was only made available on January 13. The Guide is only now hitting mailboxes everywhere (I've yet to receive my orders).

While it is nice to be nominated (and the nominating committee wanted to give it some publicity), I've asked David Colton (head honcho for the Rondo Awards) to remove it so that votes can properly go to those deserving books that did actually come out in 2009.

If it is deemed worthy for a nomination for this year (the voting will take place next year), I would gladly accept a nomination then. At least by then, people will have been able to read it and make a sound judgement.

I can make one recommendation, Peter H. Brothers's Mushroom Clouds and Mushroom Men: The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda was also nominated.

Update: I hope Armand doesn't mind me adding a footnote to his article, but I thought that everyone should know that Monster Island News has been nominated for 'Best Website'.

I feel truly honoured that the fans out there felt strong enough to nominate our work for such a prestigious award.

Thank you all very much! - Ken

To go to the ballot, go here: THE BALLOT IS HERE!

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