The Monster Mash - Giant Crabs, Zebra Girls, And Yes.....Another Bigfoot Movie

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Avery Guerra / Twitch / Undead Backbrain

Over the past week or so, I have had quite a few items come through my in box that I have wanted to touch on, but there wasn't enough information available on each of them to warrant individual articles. So, I decided to 'mash em' together rather than let them slip past me.

More photos from "King Crabs Attack!"

This one may be only about seven minutes long, but it looks pretty damn cool.

If you recall, I first mentioned this one back in September of last year. To Make a long story short, Grégoire Sivan created a little retro movie trailer for a school project that was pretty well received so he decided to expand it into a short film.

Here is the plot:

Trouville-sur-Mer, a Lower Normandy resort, is an uneventful place. However, Basile, of the Coast Guard, has witnessed many strange events. Are they simple coincidence? Not for Basile. King Crab Attack!

From the trailer I was able to put together that the film is about a bunch of giant king crabs that invade a coastal French town and are thwarted by a scientist who grows to giant size to combat them, and impress his blond girl-friend.

These new photos make the film look very much like an homage to the giant creature films of the 50s and 60s.

Which I always love.

Look for this one on the European film festival circuit.

Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police

It looks like all you really have to do these days to generate some Internet buzz is dress up some Asian girls in next to nothing.

Little is known about Nishiumi Kenichiro's "Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police", except that it is going to be a direct to video release......and it stars three hot Japanese girls.

No, really, that just about it. No plot, no nothing. Even the names of the three sexy "Miniskirt Police" haven't been released.

There is a rumor that I read about how the three actresses got their chance to be in the film by winning some contest, but I can't back that up.

I guess a sexy photo of three Japanese girls is all the publicity that is needed.

Got the film mentioned here didn't it?

The Legend of Grassman

Surprised that I have yet another Bigfoot movie to talk about?

You shouldn't be! Just about everyone is making one these days.

This time around, it's Tyler and Dennis Meyer filming the 'harry horror' for their Monkey Limited production company.

The film is called "The Legend of Grassman" and, like most of these new generation of Bigfoot films, it centers around a group of researchers who trek out into the woods to search for a local legend and find more than they bargained for.

The trailer for the film looks pretty good.

Check it out:

If there just weren't so many films like it being produced right now, it would probably be getting more press.

The Meyer brothers have a production blog about their film, that if you took the time to read through it, may provide you more information about the film, than I was able to find out.

I just didn't have time to weed through it all.

Check that out here -

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