Is Megan Fox The Sexiest Sci fi Babe Of All Time?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

In a poll conducted by MSN Movies, Megan Fox was voted 'Hottest Sci-Fi Babe of All-Time' beating out such lovely ladies as Halle Barry (2nd), Milla Jovovich (3rd), Natalie Portman (4th) and Sigourney Weaver (5th).

According to the results of the poll, Fox, blew away her nearest competitor, Barry, by a wide margin.

From the photo above it is hard to argue with the results of the poll, although one could note that the only sci-fi that Fox has appeared in was that awful "Transformers" movie. Maybe a more established sci fi actress would have been more appropriate.

Other actresses that have held the title of "Hottest Sci-Fi Babe" have included "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" star Chase Masterson, and "X-Files" beauty, Gillian Anderson.

Now being an "old school" sci fi fan, I would have gone for a classic actress like, Lynda Carter, Linda Harrison, Rachel Welch or Caroline Monroe for an "all-time" list.

Then again, I am older.

No doubt Megan Fox is a certified 'hottie', so I guess the fans have named their girl......well, at least until the next new babe arrives on the scene.

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  1. No, not even close, there are literally dozens of name actresses than have done notable work in SF far SEXIER than Megan "on my knees thats how I get work" Fox..

  2. The Megan Fox hate is absolutely ridiculous. No, she's no master thespian, and yes, her publicist is all about the pointless Angelina Jolie comparisons. But for crying out loud, she's pretty damn hot nonetheless. The sexiest SF babe ever? Maybe not. But to imply that the only reason that she gets work is because she goes down on producers is as absurd as it is rude. She gets the kind of attention she does from fanboys because of how she looks, but it's safe to say she doesn't blow all of them. If you can get that many folks with disposable income that worked up with a role in one blockbuster and a few behind-the-scenes stills from an upcoming B-movie, you don't need to get on your knees for anyone in Tinseltown. They'll be on their knees for you.

  3. I think Julie Strain is up there in the top 10 hot SCI-FI movie babes,
    And that does not include TV series like Star Trek and those that followed, which also had plenty of very beautiful women...

  4. LOL no way. Don't think she's in the top 10...