UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (10th Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
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UFO sighting in St Albans
Herts Advertiser

More than 10 orange glows were seen by a London Colney resident at around 10.15pm the Sunday before last (August 29) and appeared to be following the route of the Thameslink line between St Albans and London.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it took the objects about 10 seconds to travel between horizons and he claimed they were going too fast to have been Chinese lanterns, which have explained various other similar sightings in the area in the past.

About 15 minutes earlier, the man also claims that he and his wife heard a loud bang which sounded like fireworks.

He said: “I obviously can’t say what they were, all I’m saying is that they were unidentifiable. I’ve taken photographs and everyone I’ve shown them to has no idea what they are either. I’d just like to know if anybody else has an explanation for it.”

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Do The Fabulous Las Vegas Area 51 Tours
Boosh News (Press Release)

You’ll find nothing like a Las Vegas Area 51 Tour for the UFO enthusiast. The curious hear of it from around the globe, many of them traveling the Mohave Desert hoping to find something unexplainable in the mysterious skies all around.

Area 51 is an ideal meeting place for any type of enthusiast, although it is a highly guarded military facility. We’re not permitted beyond the fence, or along the perimeter of this area. It is a very mysterious site, and yet the world knows about it. However, with all its security and privacy you’ll be please to know that there is an excursion that gingerly goes about bringing you very near to it.

The next time you are in the Las Vegas location, give some thought to going on a journey to this mysterious location. But it is probably a smart choice to schedule the tour guide complete with an escort, by way of one their excursion vans. Here is why. It is not a place to hang around, walk around, peek inside, or even explore a little. You will be monitored at every minute, with the officials ready to halt those who trespass. This is why they call it an extreme tour.

When you think of Las Vegas you think of the lights, showgirls, casinos and the nightlife, but there is another side of Las Vegas that are never seen by the typical visitor. Surrounding Las Vegas are communities like any other city with growing residential neighborhoods and shopping. And it is all in the middle of the Mohave Desert. Outside of the city is plenty of land untouched by modern civilization. And this desert has some stories to reveal.

The Area 51 Tour includes a visit on Groom Lake. There is no way of getting nearer without the military guards taking forceful involvement. The route to the area is desolate. It is a lonely desert, after all, with Area 51 only adding to the mystery to it. It will seem mysterious, yet still beautiful.

Traveling on Extraterrestrial Highway will bring you to the closest location possible to the site. The fascinating Petroglyphs are carved in the stone near to this site. Once sketched by native Americans in ancient times. And the carvings outline foreign creatures appearing on the edge of the dry lake bed.

You will have lunch at the famous A’le’Inn Restaurant, which has been filmed in many documentaries and movies. Alien burgers are served here with French fries and a drink, and you can also buy souvenirs. Then off to Black Mailbox, which is a gathering place for other UFO buffs alike.

Signs are posted all over Area 51, which give the impression that the military are rather impolite, and you will feel like you are not welcome. The signs say things like Top Secret Military Facility, and Keep Out, as well as Use of Deadly Force Authorized. None of which is very inviting so its obvious you will not feel very welcome.

This exhilarating excursion of the Mojave Desert operates on Wednesdays, although other days may also be available with prior notice. You will leave Las Vegas via a deluxe 4×4. The duration of the excursion is about 9 1/2 hours, beginning at 7am. Your Alien Burger lunch includes a drink. You will also have access to bottled water and snack foods.

Vegas Area 51 Tours can sell out, so book online for a guaranteed seat. Find more about those that you can take by looking online. Or find the many to make that trip great. Head online today and learn more.

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Streaks of light in night sky pose mystery
Winnipeg Free Press

A group of Winnipeg photographers got a long-weekend thrill, when an unexpected -- and unidentified -- visitor invaded an otherwise perfect photograph.

Just before 9:30 p.m. Sunday night, Brad Korponay and a couple of friends were setting up to take some nighttime snaps in Steep Rock, about 240 kilometres north of Winnipeg, when they saw a stunning object sailing through the sky.

The bright orange glow flew across the sky from the east, streaking over Lake Manitoba and descending as it moved westward on a wobbly path. Then it disappeared behind the clouds. "We thought perhaps it was a hot-air balloon, as its flickering colour looked like fire," Korponay said. "It was also moving rather quickly, and the 'flame' burned and flickered constantly as it moved."

Beyond that guess, Korponay and friends were at a loss to explain the light that flashed across the sky for under a minute on a calm and silent night. Even the clouds barely moved during the 273-second photo exposure. Then, to make things even wilder, a short time later a second, similar object flew across the sky, this time coming from the north.

The result: one beautiful picture and one big question: Could one local expert in unidentified flying objects come to the rescue?

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Caught on video: UFO in South Carolina?

Do you have an eye for the strange and possibly extra-terrestrial? Take a look at this video. Do you see a UFO?


Monitoring network to scan skies for meteors, UFOs
Global Times

A meteor-monitoring network to be completed this year may provide more solid evidence to confirm or debunk UFO sighting claims.

The city will establish six monitoring stations to observe flying objects that cross the sky, the first of their kind in the country.

With 3 million yuan ($441,897.78) in government funding, the network will mainly be used to track falling stars, comets and meteors of a certain brightness, said Kou Wen, the Beijing Planetarium expert in charge of the project.

The station can observe and record almost anything that flies overhead, including meteor showers and UFOs, Kou said, providing a chance to supply more accurate documentation that can be used to verify or dismiss UFO witness reports.

Beijing UFO Research Organization chief Zhou Xiaoqiang welcomed the new system.
"It's often difficult to determine what the flying object is based solely on experience, when there's only a picture or a witness' recollection," he said.

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Alleged alien filmed at secret UFO base, video

Last week we posted an article and video regarding recent footage from Argentina that some are claiming shows an alien creeping up behind a women being interviewed on a news program. The footage was allegedly broadcast live on TV. Some readers were convinced that this image was just computer generated and a hoax while others, aware of the UFO activity that goes in in the region, felt it showed a genuine extraterrestrial being.

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Honestly that last video looked like some kid dressed as a Jawa goofing around to me. Maybe some South American member of the KKK (Yikes!) stumpling around drunk?

It was a slow week for UFO news folks.

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