Spectacular UFOs Spotted Over China

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Examiner.com

For the second time in two weeks a spectacular diamond-shaped UFO has caused quite a stir in China.

On July 7th, the sighting of an unidentified celestial object, that left an impressive looking vapor trail, shut down all flights in or out of Xiaoshan Airport in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou for about an hour.

At about 9pm, the airport's radar system began tracking the object, which was dangerously close to to the facility. After determining that the object was a threat to air travel, the airport was closed and incoming flights were diverted to other airports.

Now, reportedly, the same object has made a second appearance, this time in the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing.

According to witnesses, a diamond shaped UFO hovered over Shaping Park for about an hour before it climbed to a high altitude and disappeared from site.

"I stared at it and it did not move," exclaimed Chen, an eyewitness to the sighting Wednesday night. "After hovering for an hour, the thing started to fly higher and finally out of people's sight."

Many UFO investigators have inquired about the July 7th sighting, but have run into a wall put up by the Chinese government. One source from within China commented that the radar at Xiaoshan Airport had not picked up the UFO, and a second declined to comment because the incident had a "military connection."

After viewing the video (below) I have to admit that it looks a lot like a missile test that went off course. I have personally seen a similar vapor trail from such tests launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base. That, of course, doesn't mean that this is the case here, and it doesn't explain away what was witnessed in Chongqing, which sounds more like a genuine UFO event.

Here is the video taken of the July 7th UFO event over Xiaoshan Airport:

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