Virginia Bigfoot Sightings On The Rise?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: The McDowell News

I seem to have stumbled upon a trend. When I started covering more stories about cryptozoology in the later part of 2009, I expected to find numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings from the Pacific Northwest, the region of North America that has had the most sightings of the elusive creature for over two hundred years, but, to my amazement, no stories have been coming from there, at all.

Instead, there have been sightings reported in other regions of the country, like the East Coast and deep South. It seems that, like his human counterparts, Bigfoot and his relatives have become fed up with West Coast living, maybe because of California's high taxes, and moved to places like Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia.

In fact, it has been the woods of Virginia where a new wave of sightings of Bigfoot have been reported over the past six months.

The latest report to surface, comes from Grayson County in the southwest corner of Virginia, near the in Blue Ridge Mountains.

On the evening of January 28th a family was traveling north on Route 89, when they spotted a seven-foot-tall, creature covered in black hair, walking on two legs down the side of the road. When the animal saw the cars headlights, it disappeared into the pine forest out of sight.

The Grayson County Sheriff's Department got a call from the startled family reporting their strange encounter. Taking the report very seriously, Sheriff Richard Vaughan contacted the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, who in turn, dispatched two officers to area of the sighting.

After an extensive search, officers Jason Harris and George Shupe, reported that they found no trace of of the animal.

For decades the Blue Ridge Mountains have been home to numerous sightings of Bigfoot.

Last year there was a rash of sightings near Kanawha, West Virginia, the drew Bigfoot researchers to the area for extensive investigations, which didn't yield much evidence of the creatures existence.

Is the population of Bigfoot on the rise in the South? New evidence seems to be pointing that way, though areas of Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida have been areas of numerous, credible, sightings for decades.

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