UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (4th Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

Brazil to catalog, make public UFO sightings
The Associated Press

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil has ordered its air force to document any UFO sightings and make the data available to researchers and the public.

A decree in the official gazette says the air force will register any sightings by military and commercial pilots, along with air traffic controllers.

A spokesman says the air force has UFO archives dating back decades, but there had been no official order on what to do with the material. The spokesman could not be named under air force rules.

All past and future data — whether written reports, photos or video — will be processed by the air force and then housed in the National Archives in Rio de Janeiro.

In the decree published Tuesday, the air force says it will periodically submit UFO reports.

TV News Crew Capture UFO Over Minnesota
Ghost Theory

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UFO in Lynn's Wootton Road
Lynn News

A LYNN News reader and his wife have been perplexed by a UFO they saw last night (Monday).

Mike Smith emailed: “Both me and my wife saw an orange/red light last night moving along Wootton Road from the town centre towards Castle Rising.

“The light was quite high but well below cloud level. At first it looked like a Chinese lantern but after looking at it for a few seconds it was obvious it wasn’t.

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Expert: UFO in Hangzhou might be special aircraft
People's Daily Online

After a month of research, an expert told reporters that a UFO spotted in Hangzhou on July 7 might be a special purpose aircraft, such as a plane, on Aug, 11.

According to Wang Sichao, a researcher from the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the UFO that encroached on the airspace of Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou flew at a height of one kilometer from the ground. It might be some special aircraft, such as a plane, or some rapid, noiseless or low-noise aircraft, reported by Chinanews.com.cn.

On July 7, Hangzhou's Xiaoshan airport was forced to stop all flights because of the appearance of some UFO, and that had triggered a great debate within the country. Around 8:40 p.m., crew members on two flights that were about to land found a UFO was hovering in the air, and they notified the air traffic control center.

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Royal Albert Hall Presents CLOSE ENCOUNTERS With Nick Pope Oct 25
Broadway World

The Royal Albert Hall will be mission control for all things outer space and extra terrestrial when it presents a week long, highly innovative festival called Close Encounters, combining arts, science, fun and education. The latest addition to this weeklong alien adventure is a fascinating talk on The British Government's UFO files by expert Nick Pope on Monday 25 October.

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Another week, another UFO in Bracknell...
Get Bracknell

More strange objects have been spotted in the skies above Bracknell.

Daphne Gollob, 77, contact The Standard this week to say she had spotted something mysterious above her home in Parkland Drive, in Bullbrook.

She said she saw two orange lights in the sky at around 10.10pm on Tuesday night.

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WALTHAMSTOW: Puzzlement over orange orb 'UFO' footage
Guardian Series

A RESIDENT has appealed for help in identifying a strange orange light captured on camera flying over Walthamstow.

Les Elston, of Upper Walthamstow, filmed this footage (below) from his home last Monday (August 2) at 10.05pm and has been left baffled over what it could be.

He said: "I've already had the footage looked at and so far we've managed to discount it from being a helicopter, plane or Chinese Lantern which can easily confuse people.

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