UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (11th Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

More St Albans UFO sightings
Herts Advertiser

Phonecalls and emails flooded into the Herts Advertiser news desk after we revealed last week that a man in London Colney had seen some peculiar lights in the sky above St Albans at around 10.15pm on Sunday, August 29.

He saw more than 10 of the objects over a short space of time and did not believe they were Chinese lanterns – which can often explain such UFO sightings – as they were travelling very fast and in a straight line.

Rob Stichbury, who lives in the Roundwood Park area of Harpenden, saw something similar at around the same time that night. He said: “The bright object was travelling extremely fast coming from the St Albans/Redbourn area. It seemed to be following the path of the Nicky Line and took less than 15 seconds to cover the horizon.

“I only saw one and didn’t have time to get to the camera. Being a clear night it was instantly visible but certainly not a commercial plane as it was too large, bright and moving quite low and much faster than any other traffic. It disappeared in the direction of Luton Airport. Very strange indeed!”

Ken Collins, of Salisbury Avenue, also reports seeing something strange in the sky travelling faster than the speed of aircraft heading towards Clarence Park that night.

Liz Gurgur, who lives in the Marshalswick area, said she saw exactly the same thing as the London Colney man earlier this summer as she was driving home one night. She said: “I thought it was unusual as they were all in a straight line, spaced apart equally and high up. I was amazed, especially since I was once watching this programme which said there was going to be a lot more UFO sightings and I laughed at it.


Oklahoma triangle UFO returns as second witness watches

An Oklahoma man watched a triangle-shaped UFO on September 15, 2010, and was there with a witness when it returned 30 minutes later, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The object was described as having three red lights and two white lights.

"The white lights would flash as if it were at a slow pulse but had no particular rhythm to it. Every couple of minutes we would see multiple lights light up in a circular pattern that formed the shape of the craft and lit it up. Its motions were not big strides, but small pacing horizontally from left to right. We could most definitely tell that it was no plane. It was more stationary rather than constant movement like a plane would do. It was as if it were hovering and trying to hide itself."

No town name was mentioned in the public portion of the MUFON report. The couple was unable to capture either video or still images of the object


Texas father-son get up close look at triangle UFO

A Texas father and son got an up-close look at a triangle-shaped UFO on September 15, 2010, as they drove along Route 87/97 outside of Pandora after 8:30 p.m., according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The two were out looking for more witnesses to a UFO they sighted on September 14, 2010, in a case the UFO Examiner covered as, Wingless, burning object falls from cloud near La Vernia, Texas.

The son asked his father to pull over to the side of the road after observing a light in the distance “zigzagging” between three stars.

The object soon appeared to be between 1,000 and 2,000 feet off of the ground.

“As it moved closer to us, a few more cars and trucks pass us on the road but nobody stopped,” the reporting witness stated. “At first it was a solid light but as it flew closer I can see three separate lights in a tight triangle formation with a huge light at each corner.”


'UFO' sightings a mirage created by Air Force, 'UFO fanatics' have been duped?
Tucson Citizen

In interesting interview posted by U.S. News & World Report, author Mark Pilkington asserts that UFOs were created by the Air Force to keep aircraft projects secret. This is not a new assertion by any means. It is just one that has resurfaced in a new book. It is an assertion that is called “a persuasive case” by the interviewer.

Plinkington is a British journalist and filmmaker who weighs in on his view of UFOs as a cover for Cold War military projects.

In a discussion regarding his book, Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare and UFOs, Plinkington covers everything from the Washington Flap of 1952 to “UFO fanatics” being duped.

The article is an interesting read for skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and “UFO fanatics” alike. Enjoy!


Triangle UFO moves within 100 yards of Oregon witness

An Oregon witness was startled while riding a scooter just after 10 p.m. on September 13, 2010, when a triangle-shaped craft with rounded edges was spotted just 100 yards away, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The object had a light in front that the witness said appeared to be guiding it somehow.

"What made the light unique was that it was circular in shape and moving back and forth across the front of the craft," the witness stated. "It reminded me of the car 'Kit' from the television show 'Knight Rider' except for the fact the light was white and round. Now the most incredible part of this experience was that the light seemed to help determine the direction the craft would head. The light stopped pacing back and forth and was stuck on one end for about 20 seconds. The craft started heading in the direction the light was facing, and soon the craft stopped and tilted forward as if the lights were this crafts eyes."

As the craft moved closer, the witness offers a description.

"As it drew near (roughly 100 yards away), I could see the underneath of the craft. It seemed to have a triangular shape but rounded (basically there seemed to be no straight lines). The craft was also a silver color and absolutely had no visible means of propulsion. I didn't see any propellers or jet engines."

The witness then nearly lost control of the scooter while attempting to watch the object, and looked away for 30 to 45 seconds. When the witness looked back, the object was gone.


Hundreds see UFO over Vladivostok

Hundreds of residents of Vladivostok have reported seeing a bizarre UFO hover over their city on the easternmost edge of Russia. The UFO event took place on the evening of September 14. Russian media has reported extensively on the event.

The triangular shaped UFO consisting of four golden colored lights was seen for a few hours and at least two witnesses managed to get photos of the object as it hovered overhead


UFO interferes with TV signal in Brazil, video

Before we go into the details of this UFO event it should be noted that the video below is not the most convincing one we have seen. However the witness is adamant about its genuineness and the story surrounding it is interesting.

The witness who lives in the Amazon region of Brazil, a well known UFO hot spot in general, claims that a UFO has been bothering him for over a week and hovering above his house. The witness who managed to film the UFO (which looks to me like little more than a reflection of a light) claims that the UFO has been interfering with his TV reception.


UFO sighting on Sand Mountain?
Sand Mountain Reporter

A Las Vegas-based organization is seeking witnesses to an unconfirmed sighting of an unidentified flying object reported above Sand Mountain on Monday evening.

Colm Kelleher, of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, said his organization received an anonymous e-mail reporting a “multiple witness sighting.”

“We are trying to locate eyewitnesses,” he said.

Kelleher said the unconfirmed report detailed “a multiple witness sighting of a large unidentified object about 5,000 feet over Sand Mountain on Monday evening.”


KGUN 9 employees in Tucson capture 'UFO' image
Tucson Citizen

It was tiny, it was bright blue, it was way high up, and it spent part of Tuesday afternoon hovering over the skies of Tucson. What was it?

Who knows?

Around 1:00 PM two KGUN9 News employees noticed a tiny but brilliant blue dot high in the sky, nearly straight up over east Tucson. It was nearly stationary, and had the shape and brightness of a star -- but the sun was shining brightly. Couldn't be that.

KGUN9 photojournalist Jim Pfalzer set up a camera and tripod, and caught the object on video. Even at full zoom, the shape of the object was not apparent. But the object could be seen through the viewfinder to be drifting slowly toward the east.

As it drifted, its intensity changed slowly, suggesting a small irregularly shaped object tumbling or twirling.

By 1:50 PM, it was gone.

Was it a UFO? By definition, yes. It was an object. It was flying. And it certainly was unidentified. Probably a balloon of some sort, right?

Of course.

Sometime after the object appeared, KGUN9's Internet access went down for a few minutes -- long enough to delay the posting of this story until after the object had disappeared.

Just coincidence, no doubt. We're sure of it.


Reader photos: The Residents' Beach UFO
Marco Island Sun Times

Marco artist Anthony Dallmann-Jones posted this blog about the UFO seen in the Gulf Tuesday night.

I am sure you have heard from people about “The strange lights” off the Marco Island Resident’s Beach last night.

We first noticed them at 8:35PM – They were there, in various formats until 9:15PM and were seen no more (by my wife and me). Neither of us drinks. ;-) We are also both professors of higher education so we are not totally unable to make intelligent judgments. Nuff on that.

We DO have pictures that my wife took…IF you are interested.
MOSTLY, I am hoping you can just tell me what we saw. I was a science major and this one baffled me in terms of a logical understanding.

Description. I do believe these were near the horizon line, although they started off closer. I believe they were receding to the West. I have some very powerful binoculars and probably saw things most did not.

WHAT were they? They were “hot” in the sense that they were glowing orange-yellow balls. Some might say they were lights on a UFO, and I can see how some of the angles would give that notion.


Strange lights spotted over SWFL coast

Several residents reported seeing some strange yellow lights off Southwest Florida's coast Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, we've learned the Homestead Air Force Reserve Base out of Miami was performing flare training exercises in the Gulf of Mexico. According to USAF Senior Airman Katie Spencer, they were flying in a specific military-defined airspace. The exercises are required quarterly by the Air Force.

The U.S. Coast Guard says they were notified after-the-fact that the Air Force was conducting a "flare exercise" offshore. Spencer says they typically notify the Coast Guard of any exercises.

Rusty Parham, who witnessed the light show over Fort Myers Beach, says he believes there might be more to it than flare exercises.

"I don't understand why you'd be in that formation doing drills, and another thing I don't understand is why you'd be doing that off the coast, where everybody could see you in South Florida," he said. "Listen, I'm not nuts. I've lived here my whole life. I've never seen anything like this."

"When it came back in the circular motion, I was like, 'What could this be?'" Rusty's wife Jennifer Parham said.

Witnesses said the lights lasted for several minutes, until about 9:20 p.m.


Intrigue after couple capture UFO on film
Forres Gazette

A FORRES couple have been sitting at their window looking into space and wondering, ever since they spotted an unidentified bright light in the skies above Forres.

And after speaking publicly about the UFO (unidentified flying object) mystery, they received an alarming phone call warning them off speaking about the incident.

Don and Pat MacArthur were at home at 2 Nelson Road, watching the TV on Friday, September 3, shortly after 8.45pm when they both spotted a strange light in the skies above the town.

"We both spotted a bright light at the living-room window above the trees on the other side of the road," said Don, who works for Moray Council's lands and park crew. "I thought it was a helicopter searchlight, and was waiting for the aircraft, but it wasn't that.

"My wife just ran to the window to see closer," he added. "I knew it wasn't a helicopter and I ran into the other room to get my cine camera."

The couple's living room window looks out over the houses on the opposite side of the road, and they both spotted the object above the chimney pots and tops of trees coming from the rough direction of Forres High Street.

"I don't know what it was, but I managed to capture a few seconds of it on camera," said Mr MacArthur. "I ran out the door in my socks and zoomed in full to try and get a better picture."

The images show a bright, pink, largish, diamond-like object in the sky and then just disappearing. Moments later, a black object appears in the corner of the screen, appearing to come from roughly the same direction, but much higher in the sky with a small trailing light at the top of the screen.


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